Being born and raised in middle Georgia, there are a few things that everyone grows up with that are an absolutely necessity. Family, friends, football and sweet tea are all a given, but Travis Denning had one: Music.

“I can remember sitting in the front seat of my Dad’s truck and him putting on AC/DC. I couldn’t have been more than 6 years old, but i knew right then that I wanted to play guitar,” he says. “and when he showed me the Allman Brothers Band’s “Melissa”, I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

   I think it’s safe to say he’s stuck to it. With a powerful voice and a mature musicianship beyond his years, Travis has proven himself as a must see live performerTravis made the move to Nashville in January 2014 to pursue his dreams, and within the first year made great steps towards a long career in country music. In November of the same year, Travis signed his first publishing deal with Jeremy Stover’s RED Creative Group. On the music he writes and performs, Travis says the easiest place to find inspiration and motivation, is the place where it all started. “I like to think that I sing about everything that is me, and everything I know and a lot of that is what I grew up doing and learning back in my hometown. I think that’s really important to convey, so that it comes out honest. Whether it’s a song about love,  loss, life or Friday nights, there’s a piece of me in there.”

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